Reform Police, NOT Defund 

As a senior police officer with 13 years of experience in Austin Police Department, Justin Berry knows that good cops are keepers of the peace. That means knowing how to diffuse situations before they turn violent as much as possible. That's why Justin supports reforming police departments to ensure officers look more like the communities they serve and full funding for new de-escalation training and body cameras on all officers to protect good cops and expose bad ones. 

We need reform, NOT defunding, and must make sure departments have the resources they need to serve their communities well.


Protecting Our Schools

No child should have to fear for their life at school. As a new father, Justin understands the importance of new school safety measures that improve security in our schools, increase mental health resources for students, and allow law enforcement to intervene before violence occurs in the classroom.

Increase Funding for Women’s Health

Justin Berry will never forget the day he got the news that his mom had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Because of early detection, Justin’s mom is now cancer-free and in her third year of remission. As your next State Representative, Justin is committed to expanding the funding for women’s health care to ensure that all Texas women have access to life-saving cancer screenings and mammograms regardless of their income.


Get Traffic Relief

It is no secret that we need to solve our traffic woes. We need an East/West roadway system to help alleviate the choke points in the district and we need to stop Austin officials from redirecting funds for our district into their pet projects. It should not take over an hour for someone to make it to work, or for someone to make it to their kid's football game. To put it simply, we need more roads to keep up with our growing population and we need elected leaders who will speak up for the needs of our district.

Cut Property Taxes

Property taxes are high for everyone in our district. We need solutions to bring down our costs, particularly for the elderly that are being taxed out of their homes. I believe we need to balance our "wants" and our "needs" when it comes to budgeting. The legislature’s first duty is serving the citizens and that starts with preventing burdensome taxes. We need to be more efficient with our use of taxes. This will help lower taxes for everyone.


We must also begin electing our Appraiser. The person appraising our homes, and assessing our property value, must be held accountable.


Better Mental Health for Texans

Justin strongly believes that Texas must continue to address the growing need for mental health services, especially for our young adults. He supports the Governor’s plan to increase the amount of mental health counselors in schools. Our students are dealing with stressors of an ever-changing world, and by adding more mental health counselors, we can help these students navigate this world.


As a police officer, he has directly counseled people struggling with mental health issues—even those contemplating suicide. Justin knows that our approach to mental health will save countless lives. In many ways, Justin is a last resort for some of our most vulnerable citizens. Whether it be a student struggling with classes, a victim of domestic violence, or someone battling substance abuse, we must provide successful mental health programs that protect Texans.


Crack Down on Human Trafficking

Justin Berry believes Texas should have a zero-tolerance policy for all forms of exploitation. Justin will work to stop illicit massage parlors, enhance investigative tools for law enforcement, and protect girls and boys from criminals who seek to exploit and enslave them.

Real Solutions for Homelessness

Justin’s extensive work as a police officer and his time spent engaging with the homeless community have shown him that we CAN find effective solutions for homelessness that do more than sweep the issue under the rug. Justin is eager to get to work implementing practical AND compassionate solutions to our homelessness crisis to reduce crime and help people turn their lives around.


Christian Values

Justin was born right here in Austin and raised by a single mom who worked three jobs to provide for their family. Justin’s mom taught him by example the importance of a strong work ethic, faith in God, and community service.


Today, the values of faith, family, and serving others continue to guide Justin in all he does.