Justin Berry: A Police Officer, Not A Politician

A thirteen-year senior police officer, Justin Berry works to protect our families and build safer communities. He understands the impact safe neighborhoods have on our economy, schools and quality of life. When we can lower crime, small businesses

prosper, creating more jobs, our schools improve and less demands are made on government services.


Born in Austin, when he was a young boy, Justin’s single mother worked three jobs to provide for their family and instilled in him the importance of a strong work ethic, faith in God, and community service by her own example. With a strong desire to serve others, Justin became a police officer and has been active with local charities, recently receiving the Civic Leadership Award for his efforts to improve lives.


A successful small business owner, Justin knows firsthand the difficulties of excessive taxes and regulations that stifle entrepreneurs from achieving their dreams.


As our next State Representative, Justin will bring his extensive background in law enforcement to protect our neighborhoods, schools and private property.


Safe Neighborhoods

Strong Public & 

Higher Education

Free Market Economy
Defend Our Constitutional Rights
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The use of the name “Austin Police Department” is used for identification purposes only and does not constitute and endorsement by the Austin Police Department or the City of Austin.