Why I support Prop 6 on the November Ballot

"Currently, Texas ranks 3rd in the US for estimated new cases of Breast Cancer and 3rd in expected breast cancer deaths. In Texas in 2019, an estimated 18,102 new cases of female and male breast cancer are expected, with 3,245 deaths" - Texas Oncology

In 2018 my mother was diagnosed with a highly aggressive triple negative breast cancer in both her breasts. As my head and heart filled with an unrelenting amount of thoughts and emotions, I knew one thing…we would fight! My mom began treatment and persevered through some of the most horrific and terrifying moments. 


Sitting beside my mother during each chemo treatment, we met so many other incredible women going through the same endeavor. One thing that still stands out to me, was the passing down of information. When my mom began her Adriamycin aka “The Red Devil” regiment the ladies who were ahead of her on their treatment plan passed down their knowledge of what my mom could expect. When my mom got through that grueling and hellish stage and began her weekly taxcyol treatments, she would speak to the new ladies who had the same terror and fear in their eyes that my mom once had. This passing down of information was almost therapeutic for them and created this humble sisterhood of support. Each week as another lady rang the bell of victory was one week closer to the goal of remission. I am proud to announce my mother recently reached remission. 

For all those brave women, the many men, and young children who did not get to ring their bell, and especially for our dear honorary Freeport Officer Abigail Arias #758 I proudly support Texas Proposition 6. 


I strongly encourage you to support the private organizations who provide direct financial support to the patient as the financial burden can be just as stressful as the diagnosis and treatment.