Stand with Law Enforcement

When I was considering running for office, I knew it would be difficult. I am one of the few conservatives working law enforcement in one of the most liberal cities in the nation. 

My fellow officers and I have faced public attacks, death threats to ourselves and our families, and even violent attacks. 

But I certainly didn't anticipate myself and 18 other honorable police officers would be indicted for doing our jobs to keep the city of Austin from being burnt to the ground during the 2020 riots.

Now as I am running for office, myself and 18 other officers have been wrongfully indicted by a liberal DA who vowed to "go after" police all through his campaign.

All the legal experts agree—this is political persecution, no way around.

The war on police is alive and well. It didn't end with the 2020 riots.


That's why we need people like you, the voters of Texas HD 19, to step up and make it clear that we stand with police and we stand with law enforcement. Will you join me and my fellow law enforcement officers in standing against attacks by a liberal DA and liberal Austin politicians?

Add your name to support police