Early Vote by Absentee Ballot

You will decide this historic election.


As a senior, you can vote by mail, early in person (in-person voting will start a week early this election!), or you can vote on election day.


If you decide to vote by mail, the form below will help you VOTE successfully and securely.


COVID-19 has hurt us all. I was working as a first responder as the outbreak hit, and then I moved on to stopping rioters. 35 of my fellow Texas police officers died in the line of duty this year–more than any other state. We risk our lives to save lives.


You can be sure I will fight this disease and I will fight to keep Texas the top economy in America. I want to make it safe to live and work again in freedom:


  • Of course, I will oppose the Defund-The-Police movement. The Austin homicide rate has increased 64% since the beginning of the pandemic, and yet the city just voted to slash the police budget and eliminate officer positions. This must stop.

  • Also, I want to lower property taxes. In the last recession, Texas was one of the few states that did not raise taxes and that is how we became one of the first states to recover.

  • I don’t play partisan political games. That is a waste. I can build broad support to improve education, health care, and to lower property taxes.


As a senior, you have earned the right to vote by mail. Your official application for ballot-by-mail is linked below and I encourage you to print it, sign it, affix a first-class stamp, and mail it in right away. Once you receive your ballot in the mail, you simply vote and mail it back. It’s that easy.


The deadline is soon, so please return the request for a ballot by mail today!